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faint & weary

The everlasting God, the LORD, The Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. Isaiah 40 v 26


How many times have you come to the end of a day, feeling tired and worn out, frustrated that you haven’t achieved much and knowing that time is passing you by? 

More times than you can remember I suspect. 

How old are you? Have you reached that point in your life where suddenly you’ve realised that most of your years are behind you?

How much are you in control of? A business? A team? A classroom? 

Which DIY project are you most proud of completing? 

How strong are you, and how much energy do you have? 

However young or old you are, whatever you have achieved, however much energy you have, set in contrast with the descriptions of God it puts us into the shade doesn’t it? 

We have very short lives, He lives forever. He has never been born and will never die. 

We control a few things, He controls the entire universe. Every weather system. Every blade of grass. Every wave that crashed onto the shore. All is in His control. 

We stand back and admire the cabinet that we have put together, but it’s nothing compared to the moon and the stars which God has made. 

We sink into a chair at the end of the day completely shattered and yet God never feels tired or needs a break. 

Perhaps comparing yourself to God just makes you feel weak and small and inadequate. Yet actually the descriptions are a comfort, because when you feel completely helpless. When you have a problem which you can do nothing about. When you are faced with something too big for you to handle. 

These descriptions remind us of One who can help, who is always there and who has unlimited power and resources. 

Can I ask you, do you ever pray to Him? 

Most importantly, He is able to deal with the problem that each of us has, but which none of us can resolve. Our guilt and shame. 

 Perhaps you would like to know more………..

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