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Faith, everyone has it! Every time you sit on a chair you are expressing faith in its ability to support your weight. Every time your foot goes down on the brake it’s because you believe the brakes will stop the car. Every time you board a plane you are putting your confidence in the pilot to fly you safely to your holiday destination.


Everyone has faith. Faith is being so sure of something that you entrust yourself to it. ‘I am so sure that this chair will take my weight that I sit on it.’ To not entrust yourself to something or someone is to show a lack of faith in them.


Charles Blondin was a world famous acrobat who owed his fortune to crossing the Niagara Falls, on a tightrope, in a number of different ways. These included being blindfolded, trundling a wheelbarrow and on stilts.


On the 15thSeptember 1860 before crossing the tightrope he asked the watching crowd whether they believed he could carry someone on his back across the rope. They all roared their approval “yes we believe you can!” Yet when he asked for a volunteer the crowd fell silent. They had all said they believed but none were willing to put their faith in him. Only his manager was willing to put his faith and life into Charles Blondins’ hands.


When you think about what happens to you, after you die, who are you putting your faith in?


Everyone is putting their faith in someone. For example the person who thinks that there is no God and therefore nothing happens after death is putting their faith in their own conclusions or reasoning. They have put their faith in themselves. Similarly whoever believes that God will let them into heaven because they have been a good person, has also put their faith in themselves. Their confidence is in their good actions.


The bible says that there is a God and that one day everyone will have to answer to Him. It also says that none of our good actions are good enough to allow us into heaven. We’ve all fallen short of the standard and that’s without mentioning all the things we have done wrong.


The only person, the bible says, who is worthy of our trust, is Jesus Christ. As the Son of God, in dying on the cross, He took the place and punishment that people like you and I deserve. So that when you believe that He paid the price for the wrong things that you have done and are truly sorry to God for them then you are forgiven.


Who have you entrusted your eternal future to? Everyone has faith. Who is yours in?


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11 v1

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