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The search ends with JESUS

The search ends with Jesus
Use a search engine to find our website? You ‘google'd’ or ‘yahoo'd’ us or used a church directory?
Searching is a way of life. We track down news, look up information, compare & buy products through searching.
May be you are searching in lifeLooking for answers - Puzzled by the bigger questions of life - Dissatisfied with your existence - Troubled by guilt – Feeling you just don’t know God. You’ve tried different combinations but in your search you’ve never really found the answers.
This Bible text may help you…
Jesus said:
I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.’ John 14 v6
The way to God and to heaven is through Jesus – He is the way
The most important things we can know & rely on are centred on Jesus – He is the truth.
The experience of genuine spiritual & eternal life is accessed alone through Jesus – He is the life.
The search ends with Jesus.
Christ is the answer’ displayed a car sticker; underneath it continued Read St John’s gospel to find out why.’ That’s good advice. Try the part called ‘John’ in the Bible.
We hope your search will also end with Jesus.

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