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Word of God for ever

" The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever" Isaiah 40 v8

Is there anything that ever really lasts?

It’s fascinating isn’t it to take a trip down memory lane and spend a few nostalgic moments remembering what used to be at the height of fashion or at the cutting edge of technology. 

Maybe you can remember gathering around the gramophone as a family? Or putting the needle of the record player in place? Or inserting the cassette into the walkman?  I-pods may be here today, but will they be here tomorrow?  

Perhaps you once used Gibbs SR “tingling fresh toothpaste”? Or perhaps you once ate Kellogg’s PEPS “build up wheat cereal”? Well no one does anymore. Much has happened since the 1950s.

 Nothing lasts does it? That’s what the verse is saying. One moment daffodils splash our gardens with colour and life and the next they droop their heads in weakness and death.    

One moment a person is cuddled in a baby’s blanket and the next they are laid to rest in grave clothes.

Nothing ever lasts. Or does it? This verse tells us that the word of our God lasts forever. People say things that are heard and soon forgotten but the word of God is eternal. It is everlasting. It is timeless.

What God has said in the past is as true for us today in the present. That means that what He has said about people’s guilt and judgement is as true for you and I as it was thousands of years ago.

 That means that His offer of forgiveness is as relevant and needed today as it was when Jesus died on the cross for sinners.


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