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Questions and Answers

What times are the Sunday services?

The morning service starts at 11:15 and the evening service starts at 6:30pm.

Who comes to Forest Fold?

Everyone and anyone is very welcome. There is a wide range of ages, with usually about 180 people in the morning (including children) and 100 people in the evening.

What happens at the services?

Our services last between 1 and 1 ¼ hours. In each service: there will be bible readings, a time of prayer, a message based on the bible and a mix of both traditional and more contemporary hymns.

Can I bring my children?

We are thankful to have many children in our congregation. During the Sunday morning service a crèche is provided for babies and toddlers and also a video link in the main hall. During the Sunday morning service there is also a talk for the children. 

Can I park my car at the church?

The church has a large car park and there should be space for you to park.

What clothes do I wear?

There is no dress code. You are welcome, smart or casual.

Will I be asked to do anything during the service?

No, the service will be led by those who are actively involved at Forest Fold, and no one will be asked to do anything they don’t want to.

Do you have provision for the hard of hearing and partially sighted?

Yes, there is a loop system, to help those who are hard of hearing. Also there are increased font sizes for printed material, for those who are partially sighted.

Do you collect money during the service?

We don’t have an offering during the service and instead have collection boxes at the back of the church, for those who come regularly and want to give in support of God’s work at Forest Fold. 

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