Proclaiming the Truth

Honouring the Lord

Serving the people 

More than a meeting

Anniversary service with Dan Jarvis

Our Father in Heaven various passages

Sunday evening service with Mark Philpott

Listening to God Neh 8

Morning service with Mark Philpott

Forgiveness that forgets - Isaiah 43 v25

Sunday evening service with Simon Hook

His name is Jealous Exodus 34 v 14

Sunday Evening with Mark Philpott

True Freedom John 8 v34

Sunday Morning baptism service with John Cowley

if the Lord is God 1 Kings 18

Mark Philpott 28 May eve

Doing a great work- Neh 6 v 1 to 7 v 5

John Cowley 28th May 2023 morning

I know that my redeemer lives Job 19v25

John Cowley Sunday 21st May 2023 Evening