Proclaiming the Truth

Honouring the Lord

Serving the people 

Be salt and light for Crowborough Matthew 5 v 13 to 16

9th June 2024 Sunday morning Andrew King

Kingdom Growth Matthew 13: 24 to 43

Sunday evening 2nd June with Pete Hitchcock

Parables that punch Matthew 21 v 28 to 32

02 June 2024 Morning with Mark Philpott

Gods Glory Shown ...... what does it mean to me

Sunday evening May 26th With Steve Philpott

You cant save yourself Mark 10

19 May Evening with Martin Hook

What are you up to while Jesus is away Matthew 25

Sunday morning 19th May, Mark Philpott

The incomparable riches of His grace Ephesians 2 v7

12th May 24 Morning service with Brain Edwards