Proclaiming the Truth

Honouring the Lord

Serving the people 

His name is Jealous Exodus 34 v 14

Sunday Evening with Mark Philpott

True Freedom John 8 v34

Sunday Morning baptism service with John Cowley

if the Lord is God 1 Kings 18

Mark Philpott 28 May eve

Doing a great work- Neh 6 v 1 to 7 v 5

John Cowley 28th May 2023 morning

I know that my redeemer lives Job 19v25

John Cowley Sunday 21st May 2023 Evening

Family Service Meet the Life Changer

Sunday morning with Mark Philpott

Pictures of Gods Mercy Psalm 103 v 11 13

Sunday 14th May with John Cowley

Under pressure to give up Neh 4

Sunday morning with John Cowley

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