Proclaiming the Truth

Honouring the Lord

Serving the people 

Justified Romans 3 v 19 to 24

Sunday 27th November 2023 Mark Philpott Caleb Sharpe Baptism

Muriel Fermor Funeral

Muriel Fermor Funeral

How to Lament How Long O Lord Psalm 13

Sunday Evening 19th November with John Woods

Extreme Events 2 Exodus 8 v20 to 9 v12

Sunday morning service 19th Nov with John Cowley

Take Courage Acts 27 and 28

Mark Philpott Sunday Evening 12 November 2023

Friendship in the Christian community

5th November, Sunday evening service Mark Philpott

Extreme events 1 Exodus 7 to 8 v19

Sunday 5th Nov 2023 Morning Service with John Cowley

Passion and Prayer 1 Nehemiah

Sunday 29th Oct with Pete Hitchcock (sermon only)

Now you shall see what I will do Exo 5 and 6

Morning service with Mark Philpott