Proclaiming the Truth

Honouring the Lord

Serving the people 

Rise Up, Lord Psalm 44

John Cowley, Sunday evening

Wedding of Ben and Lauren

Wedding of Bean Laughton and Lauren Sharpe

What God requires of you - Micah 6 v 8

Sunday Evening 2nd July with Mark Philpott

Time to Celebrate Neh 11 and 12

Sunday morning with John Cowley

Confession and Commitment Nehemiah 9 and 10

Sunday morning service with John Cowley

More than a meeting

Anniversary service with Dan Jarvis

Our Father in Heaven various passages

Sunday evening service with Mark Philpott

Listening to God Neh 8

Morning service with Mark Philpott

Forgiveness that forgets - Isaiah 43 v25

Sunday evening service with Simon Hook

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